Education Station: Chug, Chug, Toot Toot! All Aboard!

Providing education as a child life specialist can take on many different forms. Sometimes we provide education to patients as preparation for upcoming procedures such as an IV start, MRI, or CT scans. Sometimes we provide education to siblings and/or children of adult patients who may be visiting their relative for the first time. This education usually pertains to all the different items that was not on/near their relative the last time they saw them at home (possibly a breathing tube, IV, PICC line, heart monitor and other equipment that may be foreign to them in the room of their relative).

Other times, especially on the inpatient units, we have patients who stay for lengthy periods of time due to their diagnosis and this can often interfere with their schooling. This is where we can come in and provide fun ways to keep them learning at their appropriate developmental level. provides some of the best resources for children in grades Pre-K to 5th grade. They provide fun, child-friendly designs on all of their worksheets such as this under the sea themed multiplication worksheet. They also provide word searches, mazes, and crossword puzzles for elementary age children as well as word tracing and matching for younger children. Their website allows you to choose activities by grade level making it super easy to navigate.

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Their Pinterest does not disappoint either! With 70+ boards,’s Pinterest is FULL of ideas for specific crafts, educational worksheets, science projects, and seasonal arts and craft activities as well. Valentine’s Day is less than one month away – check out’s Pinterest board now by clicking on the link! Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board

I know you won’t be disappointed with all that has to offer your child life team, practicum, internship or volunteer efforts. For more information, please visit


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