Signed, Sealed, Delivered…and Waiting

So your applications are signed, sealed and delivered to the countless hospitals you’re applying to this semester. Take a deep breath because you did it!

You. Did. It!

While it might have felt crazy and chaotic sending all of those applications out, it’s also crazy and chaotic on our end sorting through them all and choosing who best to interview (usually starting with phone interviews).

So what can YOU do to prepare during this time of waiting?

  • Make a list of all of the hospitals you applied to and something that stands out about each of them. Carry this list with you at all times (either in your backpack, purse or maybe on your phone) so when a phone call comes through and SURPRISE they want to interview you right now, you’re not absolutely lost and can quickly pull up that “oh yes! *insert interesting/creative thing about said hospital here*”
  • Brush up on your theorists/theories; it’s quite possible you’ll be asked questions regarding theories and theorists and you don’t want to be scrambling, especially during that surprise phone interview. If you need a little help, print out some theories/theorists for easy access for glancing to help you remember. NEVER read something word for word – it can always come across over the phone that you’re reading. And NEVER search for anything on your computer. It may seem sly to quickly type in “Erikson” on your computer, but these days our phones pick up EVERYTHING and I can 100% hear you typing, which is unprofessional during an interview.
  • If you’re applying for a practicum, brush up on your ability to tell stories regarding your volunteer experiences. If you’re applying for an internship, look back through your journals (which I hope your practicum encouraged you to write) and put yourself back into those situations so that you can easily recall patients/procedures that fit what the questions are about. It’s also good to tell structured, interesting stories that fit what the questions are asking. It is not good to ramble, so make sure you have those stories down pat!

Best of luck to you!

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