Passing the Baton: From Intern to CCLS

This whole child life journey and experience feels like a race. From start to finish, it feels like you just have to keep running. Slowing down is not an option and running seems to be the only way to keep making progress and eventually get you where you want to be. Bye Bye Internship You’re…

Donut Know What To Do: Intern to Professional

The question remains…what do I do now? There’s no cookie-cutter, correct answer to this question…However, here a few tips to set you up for success as you go from intern to professional!

Pet Pig Named Moana

Interviews are so nerve-wrecking. How do you remain yourself throughout the interview? How do you make sure that you’re not just a shell of a person answering all of the questions “correctly”? I’ve got the answer here!

Hot and Ready Interview Tips

Raise your hand if you’re someone who likes to be as prepared as possible prior to an interview. You have your flash cards, printed off documents, resources about the hospitals you’ve applied to, and a piece of paper that says something like “smile and be yourself,” because you NEED to crush this. I got you….

Tick-Tock, Let’s Make It Rock

Video submissions seem to be more common for a lot of larger hospitals as the first step in decreasing the amount of applicants they’ll need to sift through on paper. Here a few tips for how to make your submission stand out amongst the other applicants!

What Makes a Good Applicant?

When I think of an ideal candidate, I think of consistency. I want consistency in your work, volunteer efforts, and experiences. I want to know that you’ve made a difference in concrete places where people can vouch for you because they truly know you. I also want consistency in your application.

An Open Letter To My Fellow Students

*This blog post is written by a mentee of mine, Allison. Allison’s writing style is very much like mine – so if you enjoy my blogs, you won’t be disappointed by what she has to say and how she says it! Enjoy!* Whether you are waiting to hear back from a practicum placement or an…

Perfecting Your Portfolio

Should you or should you not bring a portfolio to an in-person interview? I think a lot of students toy with this question during interviews. It’s all up to you and how you feel, however I did and I think it was a big selling point for why I got offered the internship and the…

Interview Schmidt-erview

It’s interview time for a lot of hospitals! This week and the next coming weeks will be full of interviews so make sure you are prepared! Here are a few tips that I have to share, with the help of Schmidt from New Girl, because who doesn’t love New Girl? If you haven’t watched this…

Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

Do you ever feel like everyone else is getting the practicum, the internship or the job and you can’t seem to figure out why you’re struggling to land one yourself? You’ve had multiple people look over your applications and you don’t seem to have a problem getting interviews. A lot of hospitals don’t have the…

You Look Like You Belong There

In 2015, I applied to my dream job at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I grew up with the idea of St. Jude – seeing the commercials on TV, feeling for those children battling cancer – growing up, I thought I would be a nurse there. I went to college and decided prior to signing up…

Points to Cover in a Cover Letter

Title Tips Make your name big and make it noticeable (in a professional way). When I’m looking at 30+ applications, you want your name to make a statement on the page so that when they’re all spread out in front of me, yours continues to show me your name. Have your font/colors from your resume…