Usborne Books

If you have never heard of the company Usborne, you are in for a treat!

Usborne is a company that provides totally affordable, sturdy, and enticing books for children of all ages! These have become some of my favorite books, especially to use as distraction duri664214c065c9446715bde0af60733a2d27bd47bfng procedures. Usborne’s Look and Find books take ISpy to a whole new level! This one in particular is my favorite. The little cats and dogs ask you the questions and they’re super adorable. This also leads into conversations about which dog looks the most like the patient’s or which cat resembles the nurse’s cat at home.  

Usborne also has books for little ones! The books are sturdy, musical and colorful! These are great for infants who benefit from hearing people read to them but also want to touch all of the things.


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