“I am so thankful for The Child Life Mentor! She helped me with both my application review and interview prep. She is so kind, caring, and made me feel so comfortable asking any questions I had and during the entire process. I truly felt prepared for the application and interview process, and so supported by Jessica.”

“Jessica is awesome. She is such a pleasant person to work with and gave such valuable feedback when reviewing my applications and doing mock interviews with me. It really helped me to feel prepared/confident and to land an internship. It is tough pursuing this field so I was very thankful that I found a mentor like her who was so encouraging. I think every child life student should complete a mock interview with her, not only for the great feedback but also because it was a great way to get the initial jitters out before a real interview.”

“Earlier this year, Jessica helped me prepare for my first child life practicum interview. She helped me land one on my first try! That was my one goal for my internship applications, to have just one offer after my first round of applying. When I saw she would have a summer retreat to help prepare us for the internship process, I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I knew I had to use any resources she offered if I was going to meet my goal. I would have never expected to gain all I did from this experience. She entirely transformed me as an applicant, she found strengths I hadn’t even seen in myself and helped me highlight them, she gave me the confidence I could only dream of exuding as a first time applicant. Jessica truly prepared me for everything the application process brought my way. All I needed was one offer-this week, I received NINE offers as a first time applicant! Never in my life would I have even dreamed of this, and never would I have been able to accomplish it without her. She became my mentor, friend, and number one cheerleader throughout this process. I don’t think she’ll ever understand just how much she changed my life for the better, and made me an all around more confident person. There are not enough words to explain just how much I would recommend her to anyone!”

“I highly recommend Jessica! I did a mock interview with her, and now I feel more prepared and know exactly what I need to work on. She was extremely kind and helpful when providing feedback. I am thankful I found her services, and I’m no longer nervous about the interview process. Thanks a million!”

“I highly recommend working with Ms.Lewin as you apply for your child life internship. She is by far one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She gave me professional and detailed feedback on my application. As well as working with me to enhance my own confidence in preparation for interviews. I was successful in securing an internship placement, and Ms.Lewin’s expertise made all the difference.”

“Jessica is so kind! She really helped figure out how to format my resume and took on the challenge of helping me fit everything onto one page! She gives really great advice and is a wonderful person to bounce ideas off of like sentence structures and ways to highlight experiences! I love that she was able to give constructive criticism and still be so encouraging! I definitely appreciate the time she gives to her students!”

“Anyone in the field of child life knows how difficult it is to make yourself stand out and secure a placement for internships and practicum. Enter, Jessica, aka The Child Life Mentor. Her vast clinical experience and passion for helping students shines through from the minute you meet her. Jessica was able to help me fine tune my resume and cover letters to help best highlight my experiences to be the best candidate. Through our mock interview sessions, she helped me become more comfortable and confident in my skills and experiences. After working with her I was able to feel confident when the interview process began and well prepared for all types of questions. I am eternally grateful for her help securing my internship on the first try! Highly recommend her for anyone looking to set them self up for success as a child life student!”

“During my session with Ms. Lewin, I was able to practice my interview skills and build my confidence. She asked questions that set me up for success during my internship interviews. Her verbal and written feedback was super helpful, and her warm personality helped me feel comfortable when I had questions. She gave me honest, valuable, and tangible feedback that helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. When I had questions even after our session, she quickly responded to my messages.
I highly recommend The Child Life Mentor.”

“I can not recommend Jessica enough! I was heartbroken and ready to give up after not receiving an internship offer after multiple application cycles. Jessica turned it all around!! From day one to offer week, I knew Jessica was in my corner. She carefully combed through every word of my application, resume, cover letter, and countless essays. She helped me clearly lay out my experience, talents, and skills to secure interviews and coached me through mock interview questions. Because of Jessica’s support, I entered this application cycle confident and ready to succeed!
She is the cheerleader we all need!”

“Jessica is the best! She provided needed constructive criticism with my application, resume, cover letter, essays, and during my interview prep session. She goes above and beyond making sure I am ready to mail out applications and interview ready. After a follow up during offer week, I was able to tell her the good news that I was offered an internship. I would not have been able to accomplish this without all her help. She knows her stuff and led me in the right direction. It is a highly completive field and I am so glad I choose her to be my mentor.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Lewin. During my session, I received valuable feedback that helped my performance in my live interviews. Without this prep session I would have lacked confidence in my interviews. She taught me how to be ME when answering questions. She was supportive through the application process and was always prompt when messaging me back with answers to my additional questions. I wish I would have utilized ALL of her services because she put so much confidence in me after 1 session. I highly suggest investing in The Child Life Mentor to perfect your application and interview skills. I was able to secure an internship during my first round of applications after working with her.”

“I cannot begin to express how much of an impact Jessica made in my child life journey. She helped me with my application, resume, and cover letter. She provided professional advice regarding an additional experience that would make me a better candidate and she helped me with interview preparations. I felt like a new, polished, and confident applicant once I incorporated her feedback. She is such a sweetheart and you truly feel like you have a cheerleader/ mentor in your pocket, which is so helpful and comforting when navigating the child life educational process. I would not have landed my internship without her. She has great attention to detail and will definitely help you improve, revise, and perfect whatever it is you are working on. She offers insightful advice because she is a CCLS and has been on practicum interviewer panel so she understands and knows what child life professionals are looking for. 10/10 would recommend and meet with her again. I honestly am gonna miss her now that I have landed my internship. She’s the absolute best!!!!!”

“Jessica is such a wonderful support and resource. I was incredibly defeated after not receiving an internship offer a year and a half ago. I decided to utilize her services for the most recent internship round. With her constructive criticism of my application and essays, as well as giving a practice interview, I received two offers! She continues to cheer you on even beyond that by following up. I highly recommend her.”

“Jessica is full of knowledge and helped me secure not only one offer but three offers my third time applying! She is very straightforward and honest which is what I needed. The mentoring sessions were money well spent! I would first do the application review because she pointed out things for me no one else did when looking at my application materials. If you have the money, definitely invest in the interview prep too because she asks plenty of questions and it is a nice variety. She was able to pinpoint bad habits of mine and helped me to be very aware in actual interviews and she gave great tips on things I should say.
Go for it!”

– Becky

“Her communication, knowledge, and sweetness gave me immediate peace. Jessica is articulate, direct, and professional with her feedback and has your best interest in mind. I came into the process feeling like I was just piecing things together and hoping for the best, and after Jessica helping me straighten out my application and other forms, I felt like I had it together. She goes above and beyond and deserves an award. So much love for her work and care into the child life community.”

“Jessica is the best! She truly embodies the perfect mentor. She’s genuine and really has your best in mind. Taking my applications to the next level but not wasting a second during mentoring sessions and providing outstanding attention to detail. The platform that this organization and that Jessica has is definitely one of the best mentoring opportunities you can get!!! If you’re hesitating on signing up, trust me, it’s so worth it!”

“For any of you child lifers thinking about using Jessica as a mentor…don’t think twice!! I definitely went back and forth on whether I wanted to use her services for my internship applications and I am so happy I did. She spotted things that I honestly thought were strong before sending and helped me put responses into words that I didn’t even think of to make my application stronger!… Jessica has a true passion for helping child life students and it shows. I will definitely be using her services come interviewing time!!”

“I am so thankful to have worked with Jessica as my mentor! The internship application process can be so overwhelming and intimidating. Jessica helped me to navigate the process and feel more confident in my own skills. Her feedback, advice and overall knowledge of the process was exactly what I needed during the application process. I highly recommend Jessica to any other child life students on their journey to certification.”

“Jessica is AMAZING! I just submitted my first round of applications to 25+ hospitals. Working with Jessica made me feel so much more confident in my resume, cover letter, essay responses, everything! She truly cares about her mentees and wants us to be successful. Feeling like someone wants to help you is so important in such a competitive field. I am positive I will be using Jessica throughout my child life career.”

“This journey through child life has not been an easy one and we all know it’s very competitive! However, with Jessica, she gave me the confidence I needed to continue this career path. Without her, I feel I wouldn’t have the confidence I have. She is amazing to work with and I trust her 100% with any fears or nerves I have! I feel so honored and blessed to be her mentee and look forward to the upcoming sessions I have with her. If anyone was to ask about Jessica’s services, I would 100% recommend her!”

“Jessica is fabulous in providing advice regarding all things child life! She meticulously looked at my common app, my resume, and cover letter and found even the smallest errors that needed correcting. I wouldn’t turn to anyone else as a mentor!”

“Jessica has been absolutely wonderful to work with! With the child life knowledge and background she exemplifies, she was able to take my internship application to the next level. I loved how comfortable she made me feel and how she listened to my concerns. Not only did she review my application, but also my cover letter and resume. I like how she had previously looked over my materials so that we could make every minute count! Felt that her feedback boosted my confidence to send out strong applications! Strongly recommend!”

“Jessica is the epitome of a mentor! She immediately made me feel safe and able to trust her with my worries or fears. She was able to quickly pick out my strengths and help me feel more confident about the practicum application process. Her candid feedback was always followed by a few suggestions to help me put my best foot forward. When I reach the internship application stage of my child life journey, I know I will once again have Jessica to guide me. She is worth every dollar spent!”
– Shanice

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jessica. I decided to apply to internships with an outdated resume and four year old child life experience. Jessica helped me tweak my resume and caught typos and grammar mistakes in my essays that my other proofreaders didn’t. Completing a mock interview with immediate feedback helped me get my nerves out. She also helped me highlight my strengths and word my weaknesses in a positive light. Jessica was there through the entire process and celebrated my accomplishments and helped encourage me through my disappointments. Without her help and encouragement, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been offered the internship I received at my number one location. No matter where you are in your child life journey, Jessica is an invaluable resource and a wonderful cheerleader.
– Allison

“Jessica has such a welcoming and supportive personality. She is eager to help and support in any way she can. During my hour long session, she went over my resume, cover letter and ACLP common application in-depth with me and gave many helpful suggestions that previously never crossed my mind. Talking with her about why I want to be a child life specialist and how I found out about the profession helped me figure out how to effectively express my thoughts both verbally and in written form. It also helped me see the things I should point out to help me stand out. She especially helped me figure out how to show my personality in my written responses. I look forward to working with her for my future interview prep as well.”

“Jessica was wonderful. She gave me feedback and suggestions on my application materials when nobody else has been willing to do so. I highly recommend her for anyone who needs to do the same, as well as practicing interview questions. It’s a great resource to have!”
                                          – Amanda

“Jessica is amazing! She looked over my resume, cover letter, and common application materials and she was so helpful in providing the best feedback! She helped prepare me for internship interviews and took the time to explain a variety of procedures that I did not see during my practicum experience. I will definitely be making another appointment to meet with her again”

“Jessica was so wonderful and helpful. She looked over my resume, cover letter and application and gave such great advice. I definitely have a new outlook on applying for internships this next round.”

“Jessica was fabulous! She took the time to help me with interview questions, which made me feel more comfortable when interview day arrived. I look forward to using her again!”
– Lauren

“My experience with Jessica was amazing. I had already applied once and was working on my second round. I feel she really took my application materials to the next level and gave me great feedback. It was also super helpful to keep being able to go back to her for help and get more feedback. Her encouragement has been part of the reason I have been able to get through this super stressful process. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

I absolutely love Jessica!! She is really the best. Very helpful, supportive and caring. She loves her job as a Certified Child Life Specialist and helping students achieve their dreams of becoming one. She is open and honest and gives amazing feedback and suggestions in regards to internship applications, essays, resume and cover letter. I look forward to working with her to better my app and interview skills. I can truly see her as a big sister who has your best interest in mind. The Child Life Mentor is a great program with affordable prices. I recommend her a thousand times over!!!
– Laila

“Jessica is a sweetheart. She’s so easy to work with and helps to give each person confidence as we navigate this process. She is an outstanding mentor and is always honest and helpful. As we all know this process can be overwhelming, so having her there
as a guide personally helped me to stay focused and made me feel more confident as an applicant.”

“You weren’t The Child Life Mentor when I was beginning my journey. But you still helped me through some of the most difficult challenges in my life, and continue to help mold me into the great CCLS I am hoping to be. I would not have come close to achieving what I have without your guidance, feedback, and encouragement! You have a gift with students and were, for sure, meant to be a mentor.” 
-Sarah, past practicum student

“As one of Jessica’s past practicum students, I can say that she is phenomenal. She has such great individualized feedback to offer students and was truly an invaluable resource while I recently went through the internship application process. I received offers from 6 hospitals and I can wholeheartedly say that her mentorship played a huge role in that!” 
-Symone, past practicum student

To sign up for your first session click here or send an email to childlifewildlife@gmail.com to ask any questions prior to booking.
Let’s make your application great!