Preparing For Your Session

Step 1:

Sign up for your session at

Step 2:

Send all application materials via email in PDF format at least ONE week prior to your session date; failure to send your materials at least one week prior to session date will result in either rescheduling (if there are still available time slots) or forfeiting your slot without refund

Send materials for review to

Step 3:

Once you’ve sent your materials for review, you’ll receive our Zoom session link at least 24 hours prior to your session. You don’t need to set up an account on Zoom; simply click the link in the email at the time of our session and we’ll finally meet face-to-face!

Please use a computer at the time of your session rather than a phone as Zoom’s abilities are much clearer on computer rather than cellphone. Please also make sure that your WiFi is adequately working at the time of our session. Some students have found it easiest to be in the same room as their router if their WiFi is known to be spotty here and there.

Step 4:

Have your items printed out in front of you with a pen (or two) ready to edit along with me! It’s easiest to make your edits on paper rather than have me wait for you to pull up your documents on your computer. Sometimes the problem is a formatting issue that I’d like to address with you and our time is best spent by you simply writing yourself a note to fix that post-session.

Please know that once I receive your materials for review, I will spend 30-minutes to 1-hour (or more) reviewing and editing. At the time of our session, I’ll have all of my edits for you ready to go and easy for us to review in our 1-hour Zoom session.

Step 5:

Ask me to slow down, ask me to repeat myself and ask any questions you may have! This session is for YOU. Use your hour wisely and make sure you have questions that you’d like to ask me prepared ahead of time. There is typically time at the end of our session for more questions – and who knows, I may answer them for you along the way, so hang tight!

I cannot wait to work with you! Let’s make your application truly stand out!
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