Game & Wario

The Wii U is still probably one of my favorite video game systems. I love the way that it combines the feel of an iPad with a game system. The Wii game system is so much fun. It includes all things Mario which I love.

It wasn’t until this past winter that I was introduced to the game “Game & Wario.” What a fun way to engage a school-age child in multiple (16-total) mini-games that feel a lot like board games and even iSpy in electronic form.

Two of my absolute favorite games within Game & Wario are Sketch and Fruit.



This multiplayer game is a lot like the board game Pictionary but in electronic form. It gives you points for each picture you draw on the gamepad that your teammate guesses correctly. This game can be played with up to 5 people.


maxresdefault (1).jpg

This game gives you a time limit of three minutes to steal three of the four fruits present on the screen. For this one it’s the green apples – you can see them on the bottom left and right corners of the screen.

One player is the “thief” trying to steal the fruits and the other player is the “agent.” As the agent, it’s your job to watch all of the people mingling around and try and figure out which one is the common denominator that keeps stealing the fruits. Once all three fruits are stolen, there will be a lineup and you’ll have to choose which one stole the fruits.


I love these games because it feels a little bit less like a video game and more like a board game!

What’s your favorite game system?