Pro-tip: never let the child hold the bubbles. Make up something about how they only work if you hold the bubbles and they hold the wand. Honestly. It’s a rookie mistake, and I’d love to say you’ll only do it once, but that’d be a lie.

*RIP to the number of bubbles that I have sacrificed out of sheer annoyance with the child constantly trying to pry the bubbles out of my hands*

And then… as if an angel had heard my pleas for a better option,

I discovered Fubbles.

And, truly, my life has forever been changed.


Fubbles are FUN BUBBLES. They come in this magical, no-spill container and I don’t know how they do it, but they can take all of my money.

The look on parents’ faces as their child lifts the bubbles and flips it over.  PRICELESS.fubbles-98008-p2

I can hear them gasp behind me and then go, “wait…” I then educate them on Fubbles and how everyone in the world needs to own these. Especially toddlers. There’s nothing worse than teaching a toddler how to blow bubbles and next thing you know, they’ve spilled them all over the ground. How is the child ever going to learn if every time we practice, they spill them everywhere?

I cannot say more without sounding like a crazy person who is somehow getting paid to tell you about Fubbles. I’m not. I just really think that every  child life specialist needs to have these in their arsenal. You’ll never feel anxious handing over the bubbles to a child again!

Click here to order your Fubbles for your practicum, internship or child life program!

No spills, no regrets!