Fisher-Price Plastic Puzzles

Are you sick and tired of having to constantly throw away wooden puzzles that accidentally make their way into isolation rooms? How about when the puzzle looks like it’s absolutely on it’s last leg and you start to have that feeling of embarrassment creep up when you think of how ridiculous you’d feel bringing this piece of garbage to a patient or family?

Look no further than Fisher Price PLASTIC puzzles!


Some even make sound effects. Talk about a game change for the puzzle industry! Now I’ve struggled to find as many options as wooden puzzles obviously, and if you’re looking for anything greater than 10 pieces, than I’m afraid you’re out of luck when it comes to plastic puzzles. But I’m just waiting for someone to see this need, hear our prayers and make plastic puzzles for children older than toddlers.

These are so easy to wash and sanitize in the hospital setting, engage children with the sound effects that each piece makes, and helps develop those fine motor skills!

These get Jessica’s stamp of approval for this Toy Tuesday!

See you next week!