Fisher-Price Little People

When my sister and I were little we used have what we called, ‘Dollhouse Land.’

Picture this: two kids – probably 4 and 6 years old – sitting cross legged, in an unfinished basement on the concrete floor with multiple dollhouses surrounding them in a circle formation. And as a weird touch, classical music playing in the background as the land’s “background music.” We could be downstairs for HOURS creating different storylines for our dolls to play out. It wasn’t until we saw the flickering hallway light to the stairs that we knew our mom was calling us to come up for dinner.

I am so grateful for my childhood that was focused so heavily on play with my sister, and imaginative play for that matter. I feel like this generation of children don’t get that imaginative play as often and it is so very important to their future creativity. I can recall moments in my childhood that I expanded my creativity. I am who I am today because of those experiences.

One of my favorite toys to give that age-range of 3 to 7 years old (boys or girls) is our Little People collection of houses, farms, castles, carnivals, zoos, and more.

The Little People also have their own fun transportation such as airplanes, helicopters, school buses, and cars. I love seeing a child’s imagination come to life as they tell me who goes where and what is happening in the “town.” It reminds me a lot of the imagination my sister and I put into our Dollhouse Land.

What’s your favorite Little People? Superhero collection? Princess collection? There’s honestly so many, you can’t go wrong!