If you have not yet heard the craze of Fingerlings, you must be living underneath a rock. Come on out from under there and hear a little bit about what’s taking over every child’s finger and quickly becoming their new best friends.

When I was little, we had something called a Tamagotchi. Do you guys remember those? They were our little digital pets! We could feed it, play with it, turn the lights on/off so our pets could go to sleep and several other perks.


Now, 20 years later, kids are carrying their little robots right on top of their fingers!


Fingerlings wrap their arms or tail around your finger and know when you’re talking, moving or touching them. They will let you know when they’re listening or if they “see you” by blinking their eyes, moving their head and will even babble nonsense back to you!


They love to hang upside down on your finger or any other object (like a pen). They will even fall asleep if you rock them back and forth. There are so many different kinds of Fingerlings out there now – monkey, panda, sloth, dinosaurs, and even unicorns. I’m sure Fingerlings are making big bucks adding dinosaurs and unicorns to their stock! Smart move!


I personally find this toy to be a little odd – but my goodness it’s popular with the kids! Make sure you know a thing or two about these and stock up on some for awesome prizes!