Coffee & Confidence: Child Life Wild Life Retreat

Who’s invited?


Internship applicants for Winter/Spring 2021!
Application deadline September 5, 2020.
Applicants must have completed a practicum (or actively in the midst of their practicum) prior to this retreat.

When and Where?

June 18 – 21 
Indianapolis, Indiana

What is included? 


So much good content that touches on topics like-

  • common app walk-through
    • how to make the most of your essays
    • incorporating theories/theorists
  • resume and cover letter edits/support
  • portfolio
  • interview prep
    • mock interviews
    • group mock interviews
  • review of common procedures
    • how to prepare for different developmental levels


Four-day-stay at an Airbnb


All meals/snacks/drinks

Complimentary 1-hour Zoom Session

Can be used within the first 60 days following the retreat as needed once you get home and get settled a little more with your applications/interviews

Custom T-Shirt

A super cute, exclusive T-shirt

Okay, how much?

Two full days of retreat sessions, four days of housing, meals, custom T-shirt, and a complimentary 1-hour Zoom session to be used at your discretion.


Secure your spot with a nonrefundable $100 deposit.
Click “I’m in” below!
I’m in!

Child Life Wild Life Retreat (2)

Why am I doing this?

I am so stinkin’ passionate about students. I have been a practicum coordinator for the past four years at our hospital. My favorite part of the year is the summertime, as that’s the only time we offer practicum placements. I love seeing the light-bulb moments; when students see what they’ve read in books and blogs come to life, in-person, with patients and families.

I started The Child Life Mentor in October of 2018 after our last practicum student finished up for the summer. I felt a deep sadness knowing I’d have to wait six whole months before I could interact and help students again.

The Child Life Mentor took off quickly – I love you guys – and I was sent students’ application materials to edit prior to meeting them over a one-hour Zoom session. During those one-hour Zoom sessions, sometimes I’d get to see those light-bulb moments but a lot of times it was a data dump. I was giving a LOT of feedback and sometimes all I was getting back was a deer-in-the-headlights who would email me later and say “I had time to process everything that you said – thank you so much! This has been so helpful!

I really do miss those more intentional moments that I get with my practicum students, in-person, over a longer period of time. Sometimes the hour feels too short and I’m left wondering if what I gave was enough. I want you to leave feeling so secure in your application and interview skills.

That’s when I got this idea – Hey, maybe I could host a retreat? I can have those intentional relationships, see those light-bulb moments and see the back-and-forth, transfer of information and relationship building that sometimes doesn’t happen in just an hour session.

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!

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