The Calm in the Chaos

I distinctly remember the summer that I applied for spring internships. It was one of the most difficult summers of my life because I felt so inadequate. I felt the weight of all my applications (27 of them) piling up around me. I was living, eating, and breathing child life – I felt like I was suffocating.

Please enjoy this picture of Jessica, summer 2014, in the trenches applying for internships

When I finally turned in all of those applications, I felt like I could finally breathe. This opportunity to catch my breath was short lived as the emails/phone calls started pouring in. Shortly after that came the interviews. It felt relentless and as much as I wanted this, in that moment, all I wanted was for it to stop. Even if it was just a little while. Just long enough that I could come up for air and catch my breath again.

The application process has only gotten more difficult since I was experiencing it five years ago. I see the effort that my students put into each and every application and I can’t even imagine the amount of stress students must be under now.

Some are still in school, using that to their advantage to be eligible to apply to more hospitals since they’ll be “affiliated”. However, the stress of school only adds another layer to an already challenging process.

Some are married and are dealing with the stress of wondering if their spouse is okay with them flying halfway across the country for interviews. Not to mention the possibility of living apart for four months as they take this big step in moving toward their dream career.

Some are applying for the third or fourth time and are starting to think that maybe this isn’t the career for them. They feel like they don’t have anyone to turn to as all of their friends have successfully obtained internships. They’re not sure if this career is worth all the pain and struggle of rejection.

I hear you, and I see you.

While some of those things (like the additional school work and marital turmoil during the application process) are not things that I can necessarily help with – I do strongly believe that I can help those of you that feel like you’re constantly applying with no luck. It may be time for someone else to look over your application materials. Someone who’s been through the process; someone who has been in a coordinator position for the past four years and understands what hospitals are looking for in your application materials.

Sometimes it’s silly things like misspelling your city, job title, school, or hospital you volunteer at. I have seen it ALL. Those things, while they may be small, speak VOLUMES on an application compared to other applications that may look pristine.

If you are applying for the 3rd or 4th time and thinking, It’s not my application – I get interviews constantly. I’m just never the one chosen for the internship in the end.

Then let’s consider that. Maybe it’s the way that you present yourself or answer questions during interviews. Interviews often make or break an applicant. They’re stressful and it’s hard to put yourself out there fully when you’re surrounded by strangers who are taking notes on everything that you’re saying and doing.

I offer interview prep sessions (click here) and focus on the quality of your responses. I want to help you find the space between being too concise and rambling on. Let’s find that happy medium and practice tying your answers with pretty little bows.

Whether you want help this semester with application review, where I review your entire application with precision and attention to detail, or assistance with polishing your interview skills– let me help you pick up those pieces and give you a little boost of confidence as you head into this next round of internship applications.

It’s been a little over a year now since I started this side hustle with The Child Life Mentor. Even though things can get busy also working my full-time job as a Certified Child Life Specialist and Practicum Coordinator, I still look forward to each encounter I have with my mentees.  The 200+ times that I’ve logged onto Zoom (similar to Skype) to work with students each look like different interactions; each encounter is tailored to the specific needs of the mentee in front of me. This could include helping them sort things out, practice new ways of answering questions, or helping them realize that they’ve been holding back their passion due to being scared of saying the wrong thing. Through the sweat and tears, the extra help makes the application process a little less stressful. I consider my students ‘friends,’ and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to come into each of their lives and help bring calm to the chaos

Click here to read some of my past mentee’s reviews/testimonials.

Click here to book your session today!

Jessica is full of knowledge and helped me secure not only one offer but three offers my third time applying! She is very straightforward and honest which is what I needed. The mentoring sessions were money well spent! I would first do the application review because she pointed out things for me no one else did when looking at my application materials. If you have the money, definitely invest in the interview prep too because she asks plenty of questions and it is a nice variety. She was able to pinpoint bad habits of mine and helped me to be very aware in actual interviews and she gave great tips on things I should say. Go for it! – Becky



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