My Journey and Yours

Finding out about child life at a college that knew absolutely nothing about child life was extremely challenging. I had no advisors that could lead me – I was completely on my own. If there’s one thing that I’m good at, it’s figuring it out on my own.

I was an unaffiliated student, and everyone told me how difficult this would make things for me. But with determination and luck, I found 27 hospitals that would accept unaffiliated students and I applied my BUTT off!

I remember spending the majority of my summer making Excel spreadsheets of each hospital I wanted to apply to, what their application required, addresses for where to send the application once complete, as well as file folders with that same information inside along with my gathered materials. My bedroom looked like a war zone.


I was so tired, proud and excited as I sent off those 27 applications. I didn’t know what to expect.

But man, what I would have given to have someone help me.

Someone to help lead me when work, school and applying became a little too overwhelming.

Someone to point me in the right direction.

Someone to cheer me on from the sidelines.

That – now that, I would have done anything for.

I have always had a love for students, even when I still was one! I became a teacher’s assistant my junior year of college and loved helping the upcoming psychology students find their way and watched as their eyes turned into hearts as they dove head first into their passion.

I have had practicum students for the past three years under my direct supervision and they’re all my babies. I absolutely love watching as they learn things they’ve only read about in textbooks and seeing them put their readings into practice. I love debriefing after a procedure and having them walk me through what went well and what could have been done differently. I love seeing those gears turning.

Child Life Mentor Picture2

When I created The Child Life Mentor, I was actually in a really bad place in my child life journey. I was feeling really unmotivated, unworthy, and down about being a child life specialist. But one thing that I did know, was that I absolutely loved students. We only offer practicums during the summer and I had just finished writing my recommendation letter for my last student that finished at the end of September. By October, I was needing something to keep me motivated at work. I created The Child Life Mentor in hopes that I could help someone find their light while also secretly hoping that I could find mine again as well.

And I did.

Mentee Quote (1)

Student by student, you all put me back together. The joy that I see in your eyes when you realize how to phrase something better during an interview, see the value of your experiences in a new light, edit your resume and look at it like it’s your firstborn – you have brought me so much joy. I love the emails and texts I receive with an “I GOT AN INTERVIEW!” or my especially favorite email – “I just got my dream internship. Thank you.”

Spring 2019 semester was exceptional. 75% of my students received an internship or practicum after working with me. CRAZY!

Success Rate 2 (1)

September 5 will be here before we know it, and I’m already getting emails out the wazoo to help you! I am so excited for what this summer will bring as we dive deep into editing your application materials, building your confidence in yourself and realizing that you are so worth this.

Want to join in and hopefully make this round your best and only round?

Click here to book your first session with me or shoot me an email at

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