Toy Story 4…Application Round #4

*Watch this short, 30-second trailer prior to reading*

While watching the teaser trailer for Toy Story 4, it kind of reminded me of the child life application/interview process for practicums and internships.

The Certified Child Life Specialists are Woody, obviously.

“WOW! This place is amazing!”

It all looks so much better from the top after climbing the ginormous hill of applications, resumes, interviews, and more.

But poor Buzz… Buzz is the student. Tied up with nothing else to do but wait patiently for someone to pick him.

The two stuffed animals,

“If you think you can take our top prize spot?! You’re wrong! DEAD WRONG,”

are all of the students who are trying to help each other while possibly secretly sabotaging each other. You know there’s a few out there.

But there you are, Buzz Lightyear, asking anyone you possibly can for help.

“Help me get out of here.”

Right? You’re ready to be with Woody on top of the hill. The whole practicum/internship process kind of feels like this: a straight-up clown festival.

Your time will come. Contiue to put in the effort to better your experiences, create new opportunities for yourself, strive to better your application, resume, and cover letter, and in no-time you will be just like Woody standing on top of the hill saying,

“WOW! This place is amazing!” 

Rooting for you,


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