The Child Life Mentor

Hi, I’m Jessica – I’m a Certified Child Life Specialist, and one of my greatest passions is helping students. I was in your shoes not too long ago myself (5 years ago), and I can remember all of the feels, almost exactly, if I close my eyes and focus on that time in my life. The jitters, the low self-esteem, the “do I really have what it takes?” conversations going back and forth with the ones I love – which mind you, the ones I love, while they are so very supportive, have absolutely zero idea what it is that I’m trying to achieve here. They have the tiniest clue what child life actually is.

My mom, during the first year of my job told someone that I’m “basically a social worker,” God bless her, but she’s my biggest support. So we have to constantly give grace to those cheering us on as they don’t understand, but half the time I felt like I also didn’t understand.

I went to a school in Indiana that didn’t specialize in child life. I got my degree in Psychology and was able to find all the right classes to meet my eligibility requirements. No one at my school had any clue what child life was – I just happened upon it and knew I wanted to do it. So at a school that didn’t specialize, with no one there to help me, I had to find my own way – and I was good at it. I’m grateful to have the gift of organization and the drive to seek out what inspires me. Without those two gifts, I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am now.

I know that this is not the case for a lot of people – being organized is something you literally never think you’ll achieve, you feel 100% lost, and would love it if there was someone to give encouragement, help the process feel smoother, and sometimes shake you by the shoulders when the low self-esteem rolls around. If that’s the case for you – I am your person. I am your mentor. Together, I truly think we can get you where you want to go. I have worked for the last three years as the Child Life Practicum Supervisor for my hospital so I know exactly what hospitals are looking for in applicants and application materials.

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I am offering mentoring sessions to anyone who feels like they could use 1) someone to help them through the ropes of the child life process – most specifically the craziness of practicums, internships and even certification exams and 2) a friend. These mentoring sessions can happen over coffee (yes), pizza (yes, yes) – you name it. If you’re long distance and still would like some mentoring sessions – I utilize Zoom which is similar to Skype and 100% free to use! It’s the best!

These mentoring sessions are meant to help you at whatever point you may be at in your child life journey and they’ll be totally customized to fit your needs. During these mentoring sessions, we’ll first start by

  • talking about what makes you great and what parts of your story will help you stand out amongst other applicants
  • We’ll look through and edit your resume and cover letter
  • look through your applications
  • talk about different processes/organization tactics for setting you up for success as you apply for practicums and internships
  • go over mock interview questions that will help you become more confident in your abilities as a future child life specialist (I have used these mock interview questions with my last two semesters of students and all have come back to say how multiple questions that I gave them for practice were asked of them during interviews – they were so relieved at how much it helped them relax during their interviews and in turn, they now have internships or jobs themselves!)
  • I also have a large amount of test prep questions that we can work through to help you feel confident before taking the certification exam

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